If you’re feeling afraid these days, you’re not alone.

This is a natural response built into all of us, especially these days with the incredible changes going on around us. Despite all of this , keeping a positive mindset can go along way in navigating through these troubled waters. We must maintain an attitude that looks for the positive and stays optimistic, filtering out the constant barrage of the ubiquitous discouraging news that most media outlets focus upon.

Creating a support system within ones self, in this case a healthy immune system is paramount especially these days. Strengthening our immunity to fight off disease is our body’s first line of defense. Aside from sun, reducing our stress levels, consuming the essential vitamins and minerals and sufficient sleep the best immunity system boosters are the from the foods we eat. Plan your meals with a few of the following boosters:

  1. Citrus fruits – keys to fighting infections
  2. Red bell peppers – these have double the vitamin C of any citrus fruit
  3. Garlic – Immune boosting properties from sulfur containing compounds
  4. Broccoli – Preferably Raw, supercharged with vitamins and minerals
  5. Ginger – decreases inflammation
  6. Yogurt – look for live and active cultures – stimulates the immune system and loads of Vitamin D
  7. Sunflower Seeds- Incredibly high vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant

Keep in mind that variety is the key to proper nutrition. Eating right is a great start. Stay healthy everyone. We will get through this.