We defined what our brand stood for, its core values and communicate that consistently in our products

“I wanted to deliver an unequaled quality of Greek Yogurt steeped in tradition from a country famous for its strained yogurt. For me it was never just about yogurt, it was more of how I was going to share this gift of nature. It was then that I realized that in order to be successful we had to be different.”

– Nikolas Trastelis, Founder & CEO

Founded by Nikolas with the sole purpose of offering traditional, yet authentically crafted yogurt products using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our yogurt was developed around the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle consisting of good food, sun and most importantly good company, we call this “parea”.

Nikolas insisted that these same ideals were maintained in the philosophy behind the brand. Crafted locally here in New York State, we couldn’t wait to share a bit of our Greek heritage with our fans.

As New Yorkers, we are a discerning bunch, and know a good thing when we see it or in our case taste it. Because of this we listened to our customers and gave them what they wanted. The result is an authentically crafted premium Greek yogurt, made the old fashioned way.

Setting out on a culinary odyssey of his own. Nikolas, toured throughout his homeland rediscovering cultural roots, acquiring methods and recipes for our fruit preparations and yogurt products. Leaving no small village or Mediterranean island stone unturned. We know that you will enjoy the results.

The process of crafting our yogurt begins with selecting only the highest quality non- GMO ingredients. No compromises! Every morning our Grade A, grass fed milk is delivered to the creamery. It’s quickly pasteurized and cultured with our unique probiotic blend. These are the “good bacteria” which help revitalize our bodies from the everyday stresses we put them through. These cultures begin the fermentation process which in turn creates our plain yogurt.

We later strain our yogurt using a century old method until we achieve the velvety smooth consistency you have come to expect from our premium Greek yogurt, and enough to remove 97% of the whey. Only after extensive tasting’s as well as meeting our precise specifications do we begin filling our terracotta cups.

The result? Our seductively delicious,  artisanal Kalypso Greek Yogurt.

Let Kalypso seduce you and get started on your own Odyssey!

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. - Aristotle

We take pride in our craft. Our reputation is all that we have, and this is why all of our cups are embossed with our logo. Its a sign of our accountability and pursuit of excellence.

Eating Locally, Thinking Globally

It all starts with fresh milk delivered daily.

Our milk is sourced from happy cows never treated with added growth hormones like rBST, and enjoying their days in green pastures. The result is our creamy, velvety and seductively delicious grass milk yogurt.