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Green grass at last!

It's the "Spring Flush," when our live stocks' diet changes from dry feed to spring pasture. This time has long been established as a time of change in milk properties and processing characteristics. These first beautiful days of spring; blue skies and warm sunshine with epic green hills of pasture, the barn is literally chomping [...]

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Physicians treat, Nature heals!

If you're feeling afraid these days, you're not alone. This is a natural response built into all of us, especially these days with the incredible changes going on around us. Despite all of this , keeping a positive mindset can go along way in navigating through these troubled waters. We must maintain an attitude that [...]

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Kalypso Community Response to COVID-19

Dear KALYPSO community, We know everyone is concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak and the impacts the virus may have on our daily lives. We take the health and safety of our customers, staff, and community very seriously. As such, we are taking precautions to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Here are [...]

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Feed your body, feed your mind.

We are all familiar with the saying " that you are what you eat." How many times have you heard this and never stopped to really think about these words? Our hurry up and rushed lifestyles today sometimes don't allow for such introspection, or are we simply making up excuses? The reality is that we [...]

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What are our local grocery stores getting wrong these days?

It goes without saying that grocery stores today are under serious pressure from the likes of online powerhouse Amazon, bulk discount stores, category killers and the struggling retail economy in general. These troubles are symptomatic of whats happening to many categories in the grocery aisle, in our case dairy. What most people don't know about [...]

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Are plant based “yogurts” healthy??

  If you have been strolling your local dairy aisle lately, you may have seen a plethora of new plant based "yogurt" offerings. All of which have left you asking yourself whether or not these are healthier alternatives and should you make the switch? Brace yourself for the reality of this latest marketing push. Now [...]

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